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Photo: Hilde Fauskerud / Lillehammer Kunstmuseum

The Comet

The Comet is one on Lillehammer's most photographed facades, and is a work of art in itself.

Design and architectural company Snøhetta won the competition for the extention of Lillehammer Art Museum i 2013. What truly made the winning proposal stand out was the integrated collaboration with artist Bård Breivik. 

Steel facade

A facade og glass and stainless steel was added to the building. The enitre first floor is clad in stainless high-polished steel on three sides. The facade was created digitally, and molds were made in styrofoam before they were cast and shaped in China.


The Comet. Photo: Hilde Fauskerud / Lillehammer Art Museum

Foto: Hilde Fauskerud / Lillehammer Kunstmuseum


Bård Breivik

Bård Breivik (1948-2016) was a versitile artist. He worked with stone, wood and steel. Breivik was internationally renowned, an innovative visual artist and an excellent teacher.

Breivik's collaboration with Snøhetta started with the building of the art museum's main building, which was finished in 1992.

Here Breivik made his Art Garden in the space between architect Erling Viksjø's building from 1964 and Snøhetta's new building. He implemented the heavy and bombastic forms of Viksjø in the larger stone elements, while Snøhettas lightness is counciously reflected in the playful use of water.


Foto: Didrick Stenersen / Visit Oslo Region


Foto: Veslemøy Furuseth / Lillehammer Kunstmuseum

Foto: Veslemøy Furuseth / Lillehammer Kunstmuseum