Reidun Tordhol.png

Reidun Tordhol

Former exhibition

1 June – 19 September 2021

The exhibition Near the world, near you is a presentation of Reidun Tordhol's body of work, in celebration of her 90th birthday. For more than 60 years she has centered her career around interiors and landscapes. 

There is a poetic calmness in Reidun Tordhol's paintings, pastels and watercolours. Her interiors and landscapes are consentrated renditions of sceneries and spaces that are close to us. Tordhol gives us quiet glimpses of the the reality we surround ourselves with: snow-covered trees, houses and yards, an egg in a dish, vases, cups and mirrors that reflect the past. Closeness and absence become two inseparable sensations. Through numerous references to art history, both easily recognisable and more convoluted, she brings a passage of time into her paintings.