Photo: Camilla Damgård / Lillehammer Art Museum


Former exhibition

16 February – 2 June 2019

In spring 2019, Lillehammer Art Museum is showing an exhibition with artist Marianne Hurum. This exhibition has been created and specially adapted to the museum's main hall, and includes both sculpture and painting.

Lillehammer Art Museum proudly presents the largest solo exhibition by Marianne Hurum (b. 1978) to date. Over a number of years, Hurum has distinguished herself as an innovative artist who is leading the way in the development of contemporary painting. For the exhibition in Lillehammer she has created new paintings, a frieze and a group of aluminium sculptures especially for the large main hall.

Hurum's paintings are compositions that oscillate between representation and abstract visuality, and make use of vibrant colours and figures, such as the crab, the watch, the bow and the letter V. The shapes function almost like machines for the compositions which have a fluid, fast and colourful expression. She creates paintings that can be seen as passing visions, and which are both humorous and serious, spiritual and tangible. The two-dimensional, painted sculptures give the impression that they have come off the wall and into the hall with us.