A Square on a Sphere

Former exhibition

20 October 2018 – 10 March 2019

Through various artistic methods, Marte Johnslien (b. 1977) explores the aspects of natural science, religion, politics and history which can give us a different look at the world.

The forms of expression are many and range from sculpture, painting and ceramics to installations, architecture and photography. This exhibition is about is about connections - our connection to materials, to history and to nature. 

In the preparations for this exhibition, issues within mathematics became a topic: How to translate our understanding of reality into spatial structures? The exhibition title "A Square on a Sphere" plays on this very paradox - the impossibility of transferring a two-dimensional square to a thre-dimensional sphere. Even with this theoretical background, her work immediately surprises with its playfulness and tactile surfaces.

For the first time, Johnslien shows the results of her own experimental technique for reinforced ceramics with different glazes.

One of the installations was produced for Lillehammer Art Museum as a part of Marte Johnslien's work for the doctoral program in Artistic Research at the Oslo Academy of the Arts. Her work has previously been purchased by The National Museum in Oslo and the Henie Onstad Art Center.

Curator: Cecilie Skeide.