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Photo: Lillehammer Art Museum


Every day

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Let Kunstporten ("The Art Gateway") be your guide through the exhibitions!

With the help of Kunstporten on your own mobile, you'll get access to audioguides and information in English to take you through the exhibitions.

All works in Stepping Out! and select works in The Main Collection are presented through audiofiles and written information. 

You choose the pace and what rooms you'd like to visit, and which works you'd like to know more about. Maybe you'll discover something new?


This is how you use Kunstporten on your own mobile:

1) Open or copy the link into a browser on your phone: https://lillehammerartmuseum.kunstporten.no/kategori/131
2) Choose the exhibition you would like to know more about
3) Choose the artwork or artist you're interested in

In Stepping Out! you can also scan the qr codes on the walls of the exhibition, these will send you straight to the artist/artwork in question.