Andreas Eriksson

Photo: Mathias Johansson

Andreas Eriksson

13. April

25. August

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The exhibition 'The house is leaning, but the curtains hang straight' is the largest exhibition by the renowned artist Andreas Eriksson in Norway.

The exhibition opens on April 13. Grift plays at the opening and department director Stina Högkvist gives the opening speech. 

The overarching theme of the exhibition is the encounter between nature and architecture.

Andreas Eriksson (1975) works with various forms of expression such as textiles, painting, watercolor, drawing, sculptural objects, photography, video, and weaving. The exhibition 'The house is leaning, but the curtains hang straight' is his largest exhibition in Norway.

At Lillehammer Art Museum, textiles, paintings, and sculptural objects are the dominant expressions. Several of the works are newly created and specially adapted to the museum's architecture.

Andreas Eriksson gained early international recognition, notably at Art Basel Statement in 2007, where he won the prestigious Baloise Art Prize, and later at the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. The themes have largely revolved around experiences of and with nature. In recent years, interest in architectural elements has become more pronounced in his works. In the exhibition at Lillehammer Art Museum, nature and architecture come together. This is his largest exhibition in Norway to date.

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Kunstneren Andreas Eriksson ved siden av ett av sine malerier.

Foto: Mathias Johansson